The Collections

We offer collections with a style that is always fresh and timeless, like the Italian and Mediterranean style.

Selected materials and careful work

We only use first choice materials for all our footwear pieces. This guarantees an aesthetic of absolute excellence, able to last over time. The soles of Kori Sandals footwear are carefully sewn and reinforced with special metal fibres, to improve comfort and durability over time.

We believe that a quality product should last over time, for this reason the soles are sewn and not glued. Furthermore, for the assembly of each sandal component, we use only parts that are resistant to sweat and water.


The craftsmanship production process, allows a high customisation of the product. In fact, on request, it is possible to have completely customised, and therefore unique, footwear.

If you want a customised product, just contact us, one of our experts will be happy to assist you with your requirements.


Kori Sandals Italy

We spare nothing

We do not spare on time and on the workforce. We seek excellent results, against the current,  for this reason each of our creations is handcrafted by artisans who, for years, have been handing down the production techniques of the Capri tradition.

Original Swarovski® stones

For our creations with crystals, we choose to use the best original Swarovski® creations, guaranteeing our customer the possibility of tracing the code of the components of their footwear, in case their replacement is required.

Each element that enriches our creations is carefully selected, this allows our customers to have the best possible sensory experience, both in sight and touch.

Tuscan leather

Our creations are made with certified and traceable Tuscan leather, which is treated with processes that make it softer and more comfortable.