Capresi Flip Flop

Capri’s flip-flops are characterised by an extreme elegant design. These shoes able to combine practicality and refinement in style. They are the ideal companions for every woman who wants a comfortable accessory, which at the same time, does not make her give up looking nice and refined.

Even such a simple shoe deserves the maximum accuracy in the realisation, for this reason we offer only Capresi Flip-Flops made by the best craftsmen who, for generations, have passed down the secrets of production techniques recognised as an excellence, worldwide.


We offer the typical Caprese sandals in their most classical form.
On request we can supply models with variable height heels:

  • 1.5 cm and 2.5 cm made entirely leather and non-slip material.
  • 4.5 cm handmade in wood, covered in leather and finished with non-slip material.