Kori Sandals Italy

Italian handmade shoes characterised by an unmistakable style

Exclusive handmade footwear using top quality raw materials and original Swarovski crystals, also made to measure and customised.  We only offer creations that arise from a production process which is strongly rooted in the Capri and Mediterranean tradition, merged with the most elegant design trends.

KS Kori Sandal Diamond Collection

KS Kori Sandal Diamond Collection combines the experience of the best cobbler, a unique and unmistakable design and the natural beauty of the world of Jewels and Precious Stones.

Jewel Sandals

The classic elegance of Italian style which ends in a product of prestige and great design, embellished with details that make it unique.

Sandals Capresi

This handmade product is an outstanding classic, a symbol of elegance and refined style, which is also appreciated by famous women.

Capresi flip flops

The simplicity of the design and the refinement of the style, make the traditional Capri shoes’ flip-flops able to adapt to any style, due to their elegance and practicality.

Luxury sandals

True masterpieces combining innovation and tradition, produced by the best craftsmen using real Swarovsky crystals. These sandals give an exclusive touch of elegance to the one who is lucky enough to wear them.

Heeled shoes

Creations with a refined style, rooted in the tradition of the masters, who for decades, have been producing inimitable footwear in Italy.